Patsy Walker, Trustee

Patsy is the charity Treasurer and also a Trustee. Patsy oversees the charity fundraising events. Patsy is married to John and they have 2 children, Laura and Johnnie along with six grandchildren: JJ, Bobby, Benjamin, Isabelle, Henry and Ivy.  Patsy has a background of working                                            in the finance world so well placed to be our treasurer.


Jay Wootten, Trustee

Jay joined the charity in 2015 as our Chairman and Chief Exec. Jay is accountable for the day to day running of the charity and the committee that meets on a monthly basis. Jay has twins aged 11 called Jack and Grace. Jay works at Hastings Direct and has a background of event management, CSR and human resources.


Sarah Mepham, Trustee

Sarah joined the Charity in 2012 as a Trustee. Sarah thrives on being a part of the organising and running of the charity and loves to take part in all activities whether it be a half marathon, fancy dress, or helping at local events.




We would love to hear from any business/individuals wishing to sponsor/get involved with this great cause! Please contact Jay Wootten