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2023 Calenders A Huge Success


Our 2023 Charity Calenders produced by Committee member and chief photographer Jeff Penfold, were a huge success and with the support of every single person that purchased a copy and the support of the sponsors for this year, we are delighted to announce that we made a net profit of £4,130 and wish to formally thank our nine sponsors who met all of our production costs.

The sponsors of the 2023 calenders were Pebbles on the Beach, London Road Butchers, D Porter Electrics, 1066 Street Bikes, Bentleys Steakhouse, Bentleys Smokehouse, Carrolls Florist, D & H Fencing and Landscapes and Hastings Direct.

This has been a record-breaking year despite the worrying economic times so the charity would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us by buying the calendars.

In addition, we would like to say a massive thank you to our latest partnering outlet, Maybugs in Devonshire Road for their fantastic support.

We are already planning our 2024 calendars and again each one will contain an insert page with information about the charity together with a piece about one of the kids who have benefited from the sales.

CFK Calenders Fund Albie’s Trike.

Jeff Penfold (JTP53 Photography) has been producing Calenders for Charity For Kids over the past few years.

Jeff’s 2022 Calenders raised over £3500 With the help of sponsorships from local companies!

This gave us the ability to fund a specialist trike for young Albie, and Jeff was pleased to be able to present it to him.

Albie is on the autistic spectrum, he particularly struggles with change of routine does not always make eye contact and when not in school loves to wear his pyjamas as they are more comfortable for him.

He also has a condition called hypermobility more specifically though albies hypermobility is referred to as hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD). For him he is hypermobile in his neck, spine, elbows, hands,fingers , hips, knees, ankles, meaning his body can extend beyond the normal range.

It causes fatigue and pains in his joints .He has to learn to pace himself with regular rest breaks and to build his muscle strength he also suffers with severe gastroenterology issues which is currently unclear as to whether this is due to the hypermobility the asd or something else.

Before getting the trike Albie would have to go in his wheelchair on days out and could never take part in family cycle days or do the same as his sister also (asd). As he cannot ride a bike. The trike has given him the opportunity to be able to go bike riding with his family and be inclusive .

The best thing about the trike is that it has a parent handle so when Albie tires we can take over.

Its amazing and as a family want to say thank you to charity for kids for helping us.


Albie’s Family, Jeff and Charity For Kids would like to thank all of the Companies that sponsored the Calenders this year and for showing your continued support.

D & H Fencing & Landscapes, D Porter Electrics, Pebbles on the Beach, Bentleys Steakhouse, Bentleys Smokehouse, London Road Butchers, Carrolls Florists & Hastings Direct