Help Get Alfie Running

Meet the Awesome Alfie Gannon

Alfie is 10 years old. Alfie was born with absence of the lower limbs and a partial foot on one side.

He has been using prosthetic blades for about 3 years and is doing amazingly well.

In August 2021 Alfie was told about HY running group and was passionate about joining.

He has been attending since then and is so happy and enthusiastic, he would love to use his blades whilst running but the blades he has are only made to be used with feet and shoes and has already worn through 1 pair

Alfie is now looking to get a specialist pair of Running Blades to help him progress with his passion for running and maybe even aim for competition level!

Charity For Kids are Supporting Alfie’s Crowdfunder and ask for your support!

Either donate HERE or come along to our Charity For Kids Family Fun Run on the 27th of December !